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A  R  T  I  S  T    S  T  A  T  E  M  E  N  T 

My paintings and drawings grow out of simple things: single marks or a gesture hinted at with an overlapping of color. They require both spontaneity and control and a belief that beauty hangs somewhere in the balance between those poles.

I work slowly, paying close attention to the feeling of each piece as it develops, and in a very real way, listening to the instructions it is giving me in order to move forward. As each piece develops my role as observer is equal to my role as creator. In fact, I often feel that I am a caretaker allowing something to grow, a gardener tending to her crop, a biologist taking field notes. I am reacting to what I see in front of me and know that the process of creating depends on a chain of events - each dependent on the one that comes before it and linked to the ones that will follow. I must have patience as I move through these steps.

Beauty is important to me. The idea that beauty grows out of a place that cannot be planned or completely controlled is even more important. Images of the natural world are often evident in my work - the patterns that light makes on water, the space that a tree canopy creates, stars unfolding in a field of black universe. These images surface naturally because I try to emulate the way the natural world works. Sand settles on the ocean's bottom the same way that paint sediment settles on a panel's surface. Rivers of color pour into each other and create new shades. The water leaves as the paint dries and another color and texture is left behind. I feel myself responding and reacting as I manipulate these pieces, and in doing so I get to feel something wild and natural beating in myself.


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2006     University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. / B.A. in Fine Art


2016       Art(ists) on the Verge Fellowship Show. Soap Factory, Minneapolis MN (upcoming March)

                Round Show. Nahcotta, Portsmouth NH. (upcoming March 2016)

2015       SOLO SHOW. Public Functionary, Minneapolis MN (upcoming Dec 2015)

                 Enormous Tiny Art 18. Nahcotta, Portsmouth NH 

2014       Enormous Tiny Art 16. Nahcotta, Portsmouth NH

                 SOLO SHOW - Elements Unheard. MacRostie Art Center, Grand Rapids MN

                 Ned Evans, Carly Glovinski, Liza Sylvestre. Nahcotta, Portsmouth NH 

2013     Enormous Tiny Art Show 14. Nahcotta, Portsmouth NH

                 Mammoth & Co. Victoria BC, Canada

                Gallery 360, Minneapolis MN

2012    The Collector, Berkeley CA

                Gallery 360, Minneapolis MN

                Natural Curiosities. Miami International Airport, Miami FL 

                Coil., Brooklyn NY

                This and That. Art Center of South Florida. Miami FL

2011    Recently Acquired, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami FL

2010   Small Works, The Swenson Gallery, Miami FL 

                Lucky You, Audrey Love Gallery, Miami FL

                Books, The Swenson Gallery, Miami FL             

                Crossroads, The Sea Change Gallery, Portland OR

Collections, Commissions & Awards

2015       MN State Arts Board - 2016 FY Artist Initiative Panelist

                 Art(ists) on the Verge Fellow, Jerome Foundation

                 VSA Emerging Artist Grant, Jerome Foundation 

                 MN State Arts Board - 2015 FY Artist Initiative Panelist

                 MRAC - Arts Learning Grant

2014       MN State Arts - Artist Initiative Grant

                 MN State Arts - Arts Learning Grant 

2012     The James Hotel. Miami FL - 25 commissioned paintings

                 Rochester Museum of Fine Art. Rochester NH - permanent collection



The Fountainhead Studios, Miami FL. April 2011 - August 2011

The Bakehouse Art Complex, Miami FL. March 2010 - March 2011


Publications & Interviews

Spirituality & Health magaizine. Nov/Dec 2015 Issue. Contributor + two page spread. 

City Pages Art Blog ( - 5/15/2014

City Pages "A List" Dec. 2013

MN Original television interview ( - air date 11/24/2013 

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